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Fundraising used to be easier. 

If you put a compelling appeal in front of a large number of people, you got new donors. This acquisition model changed millions of lives before the smartphone came along...
Charity fundraising models have been broken by the smartphone.
Now, it's harder to reach people with those compelling appeals. Attention spans are shorter and response rates are unreliable.
It’s tempting to conclude that the world is a more selfish place. But people haven’t suddenly changed. Their media habits, however, have been transformed.
To hit your targets, you must adapt.
You need to reach people on their smartphones. The key is to tell stories that pique interest and build trust before you ask for a donation. 
We’ve spent three years honing an acquisition model that does this. It has three stages:
Digital Fundraising Funnel

In 2017, we helped fundraisers bring in thousands of new donors.

If your charity needs to acquire new donors, we can propose a way forward.


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This eBook explains our guiding principle and how you can apply it. 
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People we work with say things like:



 “Digital was a struggle for us. The balance of time required to produce compelling content did not match the results. Get Your Stories Straight delivered clarity and a significant amount of income."

Mark Pollock - Digital Fundraising client

Mark Pollock

Collaboration Catalyst, Mark Pollock Trust


 “While enhancing our digital offering is a priority, with limited resources and time we lacked clarity on where to focus our efforts. Adrian’s guidance has helped us focus and expand our digital offering.” 

ActionAid - Digital Fundraising Client

Jo-Ann Ward

Communications, Campaigns & Digital Coordinator, ActionAid


 “We’d struggled to test Facebook ads in a way that gave us confidence in the results. As well as implementing campaigns, Adrian helped my team understand the platform and how we can use it successfully.”

 Sightsavers - Digital fundraising client

Ella Pierce

Global Head of Digital Fundraising, Sightsavers





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