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People want to be challenged.

Most people don't want to sit idly by while their direct debit helps a charity. They want to be involved. They want to push themselves and feel that their efforts are directly helping others.

But they want to do it when they choose, at a time that suits their schedule, with minimal time wasted signing up. 

Offer this and you'll raise money from people who've never supported your charity before. 

The tricky part is doing this consistently, at scale. To do this, you need to do four things well:

1) Pick the right challenges for your cause.

2) Choose what social media platforms to use.

3) Decide how much you can spend on media, profitably.

4) Challenge people in fresh, new ways.

Our consultants, copywriters and photographers spend all of their time on these four things. This sustained focus has generated these returns for our clients:

GYSSResultsGraph Feb 2024

Client ROI updated: November 2023

The clients we work with are knowledgeable and experienced. They continue to work with us, year after year, because we maximise the money they can raise from their challenges calendar.

If you’re a senior fundraiser, and you're interested in working with us, please do let us know. 


“The income has been spectacular. I kept asking if we should aim lower than €150,000, but that’s what we raised on Facebook in a month. We’re a small domestic violence charity and I can already see the difference the money is making. We’ve added to our frontline services. Suggestions that have been a ‘No’ for years are now a ‘let’s have a meeting about that.’ It’s amazing to see.”
Women's Aid
Christina Sherlock, Head of Fundraising & Communications
12 months ago I wouldn't have believed we could connect with so many dog-loving fundraisers and donors on Facebook. You have to be willing to give things a try. We've learned a lot about the algorithms and how the platform actually works. I'm blown away by our success. The income has been phenomenal and it's helping us save more dogs.
Dogs Trust Ireland
JoAnne O Donovan, Head of Fundraising
“With my experience in community fundraising I felt that Facebook would be a natural fit for recruitment and developing supporter relationships. We decided to give it a real go. We were confident that it would work but the scale surprised us... when you crack something you can scale it rapidly. As a result, we've funded a new ECMO Life Support Machine and refurbished a ward.”
The Mater Foundation
Tom Hickey, Head of Fundraising & Communications

Get Your Stories Straight is a digital agency based in Dublin, Ireland. 

Our methods we use were developed by trial and error. This process was started by Adrian O'Flynn, Head of Creative & Innovation.

“I spent 7 years banging my head against the digital fundraising problem, both in-house and as a freelancer.  Retention was always easy.  Acquisition was always painful.”

“I found refuge in paid social.  You can run cheap tests and get learnings and make progress.  These learnings led to Facebook Challenges, an avalanche of income and a mild obsession with the impact which innovation can have.”




We'll be working solely on challenges for the foreseeable future.

So some of our best campaigns, ad copy, tactics and insights are available for free in the eBooks below.

Bag 5
Learn how to use Facebook Lead Ads to get a steady stream of phone leads and regular givers.

The key is to offer a FREE accessory which makes people feel part of your cause. Something they can wear with pride.

Download the eBook
Discover 3 principles which will help you grow your charity via digital platforms.

They're standard practice in tech companies, but are largely ignored by the charity sector. They should give you an edge. 

Download the eBook
Trust First, Fundraise Second - The Key To Getting New Donors
A strategic, long-term approach to finding, involving and acquiring new donors online.

Replace the traditional calendar of appeals with a culture of storytelling and journeys, which always lead to a fundraising ask. 

Download the eBook