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What fundraising can learn from The Martian

There’s an enjoyable scene near the start of The Martian where Matt Damon's character records a video log entry.

Lead Generation can get charities growing again


Charity growth has been stagnant for eight years in the UK. 

Uncovering the Power of Storytelling Principles


I had a digital marketing role for 3 years and never wrote a single line of copy.

Why your charity needs a digital strategy


In short, because direct-response fundraising doesn't work on digital.

What fundraisers can learn from Starbucks


I'm sure you've heard this line before. It's a bit of a cliche at this stage. "We're just asking for the price of a cup of coffee."

The Economic Importance of Trust


A Gaurdian article I was reading used the term Social Capital. I hadn't heard it before. 

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